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What does the iCarol online support system offer and how does it work?

Carol’s Online Support System Process Flow Frequently asked Questions: Who can read my cases? All Admins at your agency can read the open and closed cases you have in the system. Note that only the cases submitted to us through iCarol appear here. Cases emailed in to us do not appear here. </p> Who can create new cases? Any Admin who is designated as a Primary or Secondary support contact on the Admin Tools page can enter a case. If you don’t see the “Create new case” button below, then you are not currently one of those contacts. These contacts can be changed periodically to reflect changes in personnel. Are there any additional fees to using this tool? No, it is included in your iCarol subscription for the two designated support contacts. There may be extra fees though if you would like to designate more than two contacts. How does this compare to sending a direct email to an iCarol support member? With this system, you can view all of your cases in one place. We will be adding more great features to this system in the near future, so we hope you’ll find it is far more useful than just sending an email. Also it ensures that the request is coming from an authorized person. How many requests can I make in a single case? Please keep each case focused on a particular topic. By putting different topics into separate cases, it makes it much easier for us to route your request to the right person on our team. Within any given topic though, feel free to ask multiple related questions. How long should I expect until I get a response to my case? Our team aims to give every case at least an initial response within one business day. Cases that are simple for us to address are also usually completed in that time. More complex cases can take longer – just how long really depends but we do our best. How will I be notified when there is a response to my case? You’ll get an email (to the address listed in your iCarol profile) when there is a response to your case. Also, responses will appear when you view a case in this system. How long is case history kept on record? We keep cases in our system indefinitely. Can I reply to a case even before I’ve had a reply from you? Certainly – any replies you make will be added to the case. Can I attach files and/or screen shots to a case? Yes, in fact those are often very helpful to us. Screen shots in particular are often more effective than trying to describe an issue in words.


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