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What reports are available in iCarol?

A. In addition to your ability to create ad hoc, custom reports;
  • Admins and Supervisors have access to Statistics information (and other users if given special security permission).
  • The Statistics page contains real time, online reports that can be exported to your computer and most of them have presentation ready graphs. 
  • Reports are available on the following information: 
    • Call Report Information
      • Count of Calls (Call Volume)
      • Total call length
      • Average call length
      • Call Report Content (ex issues and demographics)
      • Call location
      • Follow-up Activities
      • Outbound Calls
    • User Information (Staff and Volunteers)
      • Shifts per month
      • Recent & Next Shift
      • Number of Shifts
      • Shift hours
      • Shift credits
      • Sign ons to iCarol
      • Tenure and Gender
      • Security levels
    • Shift Information
      • Shift Coverage
      • Shift Attendance
      • Shift details by user (see above)
    • Resources and Referrals
      • Count of all referrals on calls
      • Calls with at least one referral
      • Count of referrals to resources
      • Resources added or updated
      • Top Referrals
      • Top Referrals by Agency
      • Public Resource Directory (if applicable)
    • Caller Information
      • Caller location
      • Repeat Callers
      • Caller Feedback
    • Outreach Activities


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