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Your resource directory available on your public website

We are now in the final stages of public testing of an exciting new optional feature. Called the Public Resource Dirctory, it makes the resources inside your iCarol system available to be browsed and searched from your public website. Since iCarol handles all the browsing and searching for you, it’s fairly easy to set it up to work on your website. You can even modify fonts, colors, text size and more so it can resemble the rest of your site. You never need to export, upload or manage anything else for this to work. Updates made inside your iCarol resources are instantly available on the publicly accessible web page. Further settings allow you to prevent certain resources from showing. You can also prevent certain fields from showing in any resource. And you can schedule resources to be highlighted at different times of the year. Of course you’re able to get charts and reports about how many visits you’re getting, most popular search terms, ratings of your resources and more. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us at support@iCarol.com. Please note that there is a free trial available for this feature before a setup fee and paid subscription would begin.


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